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How the HONOR 90 can help you get through the night

HONOR 90 family

If you’ve ever wondered why it’s late and you still can’t sleep, the culprit could be right next to you, or right in front of you: your phone. We don’t mean that in a creepy way. We mean it scientifically.

It turns out that many phones, tablets, and other digital devices can disrupt our natural rhythms, keeping us awake when we really need to sleep and making our eyes uncomfortable. That late-night Netflix binge or video chat with your best friend could have unintended consequences, and those consequences could linger long after you’ve ended the call or exited the app.

That is why Honor has included eye-comfort features in its products.

Is your phone making you sad?

The white light we see isn’t white: it’s a color mixture, which means there are various shades of white. There’s the cool, blueish-white color of some LED bulbs, for example. There’s also the warm, yellowish light of table lamps and late summer nights.

Many digital devices emit blue light, which has a significant impact on our bodies. Natural light changes throughout the day, with cool white light helping us focus and concentrate during the day and warmer white light signaling to our bodies that it’s time to wind down. And as we relax, our bodies produce melatonin, the drowsiness hormone.

As it turns out, blue light significantly reduces the amount of melatonin our bodies produce. Instead of thinking, “Ooh, time for bed,” our bodies believe it is still time for action, making it much more difficult to fall and stay asleep. In the short term, it can cause eye strain, and in the long term, it has been linked to a variety of unpleasant physical and mental issues.

The good news is that not all phones cause you to feel down. The Honor 90, like its sibling, the Honor Magic5 Pro, is intended to do the opposite.

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The proper lighting at the proper time

The latest Honor phones have two key features that help avoid eye strain and sleepless nights, allowing you to use your phone as late as you want without experiencing any of the negative effects associated with blue light exposure.

The first is known as dynamic Dimming, and it simulates changes in natural light during the day, reducing eye strain by up to 18%. The second feature, Circadian Night Display, automatically adjusts the color temperature of your display as the day progresses, making it stimulating during the day and relaxing at night, helping to match the melatonin cycle of a typical day. So, during the day, it provides cool, crisp, and clear light to aid concentration, and in the evening, it warms up to

The Honor 90’s eye comfort features are so advanced that it is the first device of its kind to be certified by TÜV Rheinland for its flicker-free, 3,840 PWM dimming display.

When it comes to eye comfort, leading academic Dr. Glen Jeffery of University College London says that Honor is taking an “important step” in the right direction. The new Honor 90 features a flicker-free 3840Hz display, as well as Dynamic Dimming and Circadian Night Display modes,” he says. “We tested Honor’s phone for 24 hours and discovered that by the end of the day, the blue light output was reduced by 40%.” Our tests show that by utilizing these features, you can promote healthier sleep and reduce eye strain.