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Coolest New Apple AirPods Pro 2 Release Date and Price – NEW 2021 AirPods 3

Apple AirPods Pro 2 Release Date and Price
Apple AirPods Pro 2 image
Apple AirPods Pro 2 case

Apple AirPods Pro 2 Release Date and Price

We have had a new leak for the New Apple AirPods Pro 2 2021 Release Date and Price and also when we’ll be getting our hands on the AirPods 3. For more info visit:

I want to share the latest with a whole new design for the AirPods 3 and everything we know for specs and info for both the AirPods pro 2 and the AirPods 3 including the release date and price.

So, at the end of 2020 we got the AirPods packs but what about the normal airport series and the pro series what is their release date and price and the design and specs.

Well, today I want to talk about everything we know for these two new models, let’s begin then with the AirPods pro 2 and its release date now there was a very slim chance they were going to be released in April apple spring-loaded event.

However many of us believe that this wasn’t going to happen because at the end of the day the apple AirPods pro first generation only came out around about 18 months ago so for them to be refreshed at this point would be quite unusual

However, we have had a new leak very recently from mark German by Bloomsburg who has stated that we should be getting the new redesigned AirPods pro 2 next year and feature new motion sensors to enable onboard fitness tracking this will be the first time this functionality of airports expand beyond audio what sounds cool.

But for the most part, it looks like 2022 is on the cards for the AirPods pro 2 but most likely in the beginning half of the year we have also had other leagues to back this as well john Prosser’s old post from October in 2020 stated we would not see the AirPods pro 2 until the end of 2021 or even into early 2022.

To go with that ming chi quo has also claimed the AirPods Pro 2 will go into production from q4 2021 to q1 2022 as reported by mac rumours but again this leak was in July 2020.

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I’ve even got to admit though that the AirPods pro 2 have also been notably absent from rumours in the last couple of months and normally when a new product is about to come out.

We do see lots of leaks coming out and about we didn’t really get any leaks for the AirPods pro 2 for the April apple spring-loaded event and then at the actual event we didn’t get anything to do with AirPods at all.

For the price though the original AirPods pro is currently sold at 249 US dollars which at the time of launch made these wireless earbuds the most expensive in this category.

If anything apple may feel compelled to raise it by about 25 to 50 US dollars if major upgrades are implemented but there again john Prosser did say in his league that the price would stick at 249 dollars for a design according to ming chi quo the AirPods pro 2 will look the same with the internal set to be updated but a report from blue mag suggests that the AirPods pro could get an all-new design that drops the stems on the actual pros Bloomberg sources suggest that a current prototype design looks more like the Samsung galaxy buds live.

I’m still really hopeful that apple could make some improvements on the design that exists at the moment one main complaint is the fiddling nature of those stems of the pods which is not the most responsive so improvements would be welcome on this on top’s apple’s reluctance to offer the earbuds and anything other than the glossy white means they get quite grubby and they attract her easily.

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We are hopeful of some more new colours like black in the renders that you’re seeing here so for features we’re expecting active noise cancellation transparency mode ipx4 resistance and qi wireless charging on the case.

Again, there are still improvements though for the battery for example at 4.4 hours with an on battery life is not the best battery life of say 7 to 8 hours per charge would be more in tune with the wireless earbuds are heading towards now hopefully apple will make the necessary improvements here.

Moving now on to the AirPods free news now lats start with its release date now the AirPods 3 are a little bit like the air tags it’s a product that we know that Apple has created and it’s ready to ship like the air tags they were originally meant to come out in 2019.

But they didn’t they got delayed for two years and came out in 2021 after all that but the AirPods 3 we have seen loads of leaks and rumours that they were going to come along.

We thought they were going to come along at the spring-loaded event for example a couple of months ago and they never did then we also heard that apple bring out their new kind of hi-fi technology or the lossless technology the music lossless and that was going to come out on May 18 with the brand new AirPods free but instead we just got the music lossless.

But we didn’t get any new AirPods however we have had a new leak very recently the same as the airport 2 from mark German who has confirmed like everybody else that they are just ready to ship and just apple just hasn’t released them yet.

So basically, they should be coming out anytime now so for release dates a little bit tricky because we were expecting them within the last kind of six months to come out but they haven’t.

So really at the moment, the earliest we could see them coming out could be at wwdc 2021 if not the next time we probably see them is going to be around September time this next leak that I’m going to show you show

why do I mean that the AirPods 3 are ready to ship the reason behind this is YouTuber everythingapplepro found a pair of knockoff AirPods free that looked like the leaks that we have seen earlier this year it’s not the real thing but their unboxing video does provide a good glimpse into what the AirPods 3 could look like if fake AirPods freeze are being made it means that production of similar parts have been made or being created at the moment.

We have in leaks being told that the AirPods 3 have already been ready to release since summer last year but Apple has been waiting for the right time apple did this recently with the air tags for example where it looks like they were planned for a 2019 release according to some boxes where the copyright is still 2019 and 2020

If the AirPods don’t come out during the summer the other date it will come will be September time and most likely this will be apple’s first event that we have full this event normally in the last three years has landed on the 10th 12th and 15th September with products ready to be pre-ordered the same Friday the event is on and with smaller products like this being released just a week later.

So we’re expecting a release date of around September 24th if we don’t see apple doing a silent release in the summer for the price then a leak from a Chinese site called the elec leak claims that the AirPods 3 will be cheaper than the AirPods pro putting at 199 US dollars, to be honest, that’s not as exciting as it sounds that’s quite the high cut from the 159 US dollars for the AirPods 2 which might disappoint anyone hoping that the direct follow up would share a similar price tag or less to them.

However, there are going to be a lot of new features and a whole new design so for that design of the new AirPods there have been quite a few leaks that have surfaced the images were posted on tweeter by leaks apple pro and show off what looks like a pair of AirPods with shorter stems backing up previous rumours that the next AirPods would take some style cues of the noise-cancelling AirPods pro not only that

But renders of the new AirPods were posted by gizmo China with the site claiming that the images came from the suppliers of the rumoured earbuds these renders look very similar to the photos posted by leaks apple pro as well as previous images by 52 audio in late February time with features though for the new AirPods munshi que has made several correct apple predictions in the past and says that new AirPods 3 will adopt a compact system in the package and sip a solution similar to the AirPods pro to chuck the tech jargon out of the window.

Apple AirPods Pro 2 Release Date and Price

What this allows is for product managers to create smaller devices and its technique has been used already in the creation of AirPods pro another feature that’s deemed likely is spatial audio.

Apple spatial audio is the company’s answer to Dolby Atmos for headphones and its already been implemented into the AirPods pro and the AirPods max on their over-ear headphones it takes 5.1 7.1 and Dolby Atmos content and applies directional audio filters placing sound in a 3D sphere what’s unique to spatial audio though is that it uses the built-in accelerometers and gyroscopes inside the earbuds

And headphones to track the positions of your head, as well as the position of your iPhone or your iPad or your apple watch whatever you’re connected to that, means when you watch films on your iPhone or iPad sound will always be placed directly based on the action that’s happening on the screen.

Apple AirPods Pro 2 with case
Apple AirPods Pro 2 image

So, if you turn your head or shift your device it will still sound as though the sound is coming directly from where the screen is also apple is looking to improve the battery life of the AirPods which currently come in at a rather weak four to five hours.

We certainly hope they do improve the battery life however mentioned from 52 audio has already said that the onboard five-hour battery life provided in the buds won’t be increased with any improvements possible only being applied to the actual charging case well really guys that is everything we know on the AirPods today.                                     

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