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17 Creepy Real Photos That’ll Be Burned Into Your Brain Forever

Is there a medicine I can take to make these go away?

1. The Hornets have taken over this statue – or even spirits? Who’s to say:

17 Creepy Real Photos That'll Be Burned Into Your Brain Forever
Posted by u/RyGuy31307 / Via

2. This cherry pie is going to haunt my dreams for the rest of my life.

A cherry pie with a scary face molded into it against a dark background
u/Kapornacis / Via
r/oddlyterrifying - A coworker heard I baked and requested a cherry pie for a friends birthday. I made her this
u/Kapornacis / Via

3. You couldn’t pay me to dip my toe into this swimming pool.

r/oddlyterrifying - This pool in a house listing looks straight out of a nightmare.
Posted by u/ChemBioJ / Via

4. After closure, this mannequin DEFINITELY comes to life and moves around.

r/oddlyterrifying - This mannequin at a market
Posted by u/estga / Via

5. This “doll” has teeth and eyes that are permanently etched in my mind.

r/oddlyterrifying - This doll for sale in a charity shop
Posted by u/rosseepoo / Via

6. You can’t tell me this Ronald McDonald monument isn’t from a (dark) parallel universe.

r/oddlyterrifying - The Ronald McDonald statue in front of the McDonald’s in my town.
Posted by u/lefthanddisc / Via

7. I make no claim to the energy in this bathroom.

r/oddlyterrifying - A bathroom In a customers basement where I was rodding their drain.
Posted by u/Biscuit5535 / Via

8. No questions asked, this MRI demonstrates that newborns are aliens.

r/oddlyterrifying - A baby’s face in the MRI
Posted by u/BradyBales / Via

9. If I ever see this stuffed toy in a dark alley, I’m turning around and sprint away.

r/oddlyterrifying - My roommate's ancient stuffed toy. As a small child she named it Procardia, after her grandfather's heart meds...
Posted by u/Invisigoth2113 / Via

10. This ominous and threatening note…

r/oddlyterrifying - Someone anonymously sent this to my neighbor
Posted by u/cnotethegoat123 Via

11. ……And THIS even more ominous and threatening note

r/oddlyterrifying - Portland man found his tires slashed, and this note on his car.
Posted by u/killHACKS Via

12. This creepy-crawly from hell is making me reconsider my intentions to visit Japan.

r/oddlyterrifying - Found this in my apartment while living in Japan. They are FAST!
Posted by u/Saucy_Lemur Via

13. This sign is effectively a nuclear doomsday warning.

r/oddlyterrifying - WARNING!! Evacuate the island if you hear 8 short blasts. NorthWestern Energy
Posted by u/MrCharlesSr Via

14. This hand is casually snatching something from their Nissan Altima’s window.

r/oddlyterrifying - What kind of creature is that ?
Posted by u/synyst3r1991 Via

15. This “hammerhead” worm gives me a strange sensation in the pit of my stomach.

r/oddlyterrifying - BIG FYI.....Hammerhead worms are here. Please be cautious when working in your yard.
Posted by u/CraCra64 Via

16. This cheese man, doesn’t appear to belong in children’s literature

r/oddlyterrifying - I found this in a children's book
Posted by u/The_happy_person Via

17. Finally, there’s this crab with a doll’s head that reminds me of Sid’s chamber in Toy Story.

r/oddlyterrifying - Hermit crab using doll head as shell
Posted by u/–CoCaCoLa– Via

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