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What exactly is Google Bard? The intriguing ChatGPT competitor explained

The Google Bard chatbot answering a question on a phone screen


—Google has finally snapped and announced a ChatGPT rival called Bard – an “experimental conversational AI service” that’ll be released to the public in “the coming weeks.”

Like ChatGPT, the chatbot promises to be able to answer complex questions and teach you about in-depth topics in a conversational style. But the main difference from ChatGPT, for now, is that Bard will be connected to the web, allowing it to give you what Google claims are “fresh, high-quality responses.”

Google’s Bard is powered by LaMDA (short for Language Model for Dialogue Applications). Like ChatGPT, it’s a type of machine learning called a “large language model” that’s been trained on a vast dataset and is capable of understanding human language as it’s written.

From today, Google says that Bard will be opened up to “trusted testers”, but the public will be able to start using it in the coming weeks. Exactly how we’ll be able to access Bard in these early stages isn’t clear, but Google says soon its AI-powered features “will begin rolling out Google Search soon”.