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Update on the Nvidia RTX 4090 power line melting: A possible solution from a PSU expert

Image of the RTX 4090 propped up on its packaging, with a pair of Twitter


The Nvidia RTX 4090’s cable-melting woes are nonetheless ongoing, with mounting studies of the 16-pin 12VHPWR energy adapter overheating and changing into broken – in some instances damaging the $1,599 GPU.

A mega thread on Reddit is collating documented instances of RTX 4090 adapters which have met with a horrible destiny, with the depend now rising to 23 confirmed incidents (and 6 unconfirmed). With the RTX 4080 arriving very quickly and bringing the identical 16-pin connector with it, some salvation might have appeared within the form of Corsair’s energy provide knowledgeable JonnyGuru.

Jonny is well-known within the PSU area as some of the educated specialists in the area. He’s the newest in a protracted line of execs and influencers to attempt to replicate the RTX 4090’s points and has studied the reported instances to give you a potential answer.

There have been many theories surrounding what causes the 12VHPWR adapter to fail, and Jonny’s perception isn’t a brand new concept: he’s positing that the adapter’s poor design makes it very troublesome to completely insert into the GPU’s energy socket.