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The most recent Google Maps AR update should assist you in avoiding getting lost while traveling

Two lost backpackers confused with gps location using a smart phone in the street


Google Maps’s Immersive View feature, which lets you virtually tour landmarks, is finally getting a major upgrade in five major cities across the globe, which should make it easier to find your way around.

When the feature was announced at Google I/O 2022, Immersive View allowed people to virtually tour hundreds of landmarks, from the Tokyo Tower to the Acropolis of Athens. Using a blend of aerial and street-view images, along with some AI assistance, Immersive View can show you an accurate 3D model of the tourist destination, providing you with a sense of the location’s layout and size. It can also feed you data from Google Maps, including visitor reviews, times when the location is typically busier and quieter, and what the weather is like.