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Porch Pirate Prevention Tips: Best Way To Prevent Package Theft From Amazon And More

Porch Pirate Prevention Tips: Best Way To Prevent Package Theft From Amazon

Porch Pirate Prevention Tips: This holiday season, keep an eye out for pesky porch pirates.

The holiday season is upon us, which means an influx of delivery to our doorsteps is unavoidable. It’s also prime time for “porch pirates,” or would-be burglars looking for the next opportunity to steal our mail. As our holiday online shopping starts to arrive, you may be wondering how to avoid parcels being stolen from Amazon, UPS, and other major delivery services.

Avoid being a victim of the parcel theft epidemic. In any event, you may take these steps right now to avoid the hassle of filing lost holiday package claims and ruining your Christmas.

Prevent amazon package theft using Amazon Key from Amazon

There are a few options for keeping your Amazon packages secure. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you’re probably getting packages delivered regularly. In such a situation, Amazon Key could be a good investment.

Amazon Key is a good option for getting Amazon Prime deliveries delivered to your front door, garage, or car trunk. A smart lock and the Amazon Cloud Cam security camera, both of which cost around $300, make up the system.

The Amazon Key app opens your door or trunk as the Amazon driver approaches your house with the package, and a camera begins recording the delivery. Before leaving, the app prompts the driver to confirm that the entrance has been relocked.

Porch Pirate Prevention Tips: Best Way To Prevent Package Theft From Amazon
Image credit: Amazon.

Porch Pirate Prevention Tips: Avoid package theft with Amazon Day and Amazon Hub Locker two services offered by Amazon.

If you don’t want to spend money on additional protection for your deliveries, you can use Amazon Day, an Amazon delivery service. You can utilize Amazon Day to choose a certain day for your package delivery if you’re a Prime Member. That way, you can schedule a time when you’ll be home to receive your package.

Amazon Hub Locker is also a secure self-service kiosk where you may pick up your box at a time and location that suits you. Amazon Hub Locker is available in over 900 places and can be used in grocery stores, malls, and even apartments.

Furthermore, Prime members can get Whole Foods Market items delivered and picked up at Amazon Wholefoods. You’ll have to pay a service charge, but you’ll have the assurance that your packages will not be stolen.

Porch Pirate Prevention Tips: Best Way To Prevent Package Theft From Amazon And More
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Ways to prevent package theft: Use a video doorbell to keep track of who is at your door

Porch pirates may be deterred by video doorbells like the Ring Video Doorbell 2 and Nest Hello. The best video doorbells alert you to movements near your door, allowing you to watch when an item is delivered. Then, if an inquisitive thief approaches, you’ll know what to do.

While a porch pirate may still steal your package, you can identify the bad guy using the film caught by the doorbell. Some video doorbells demand a monthly cloud subscription to access additional features and recordings, so you can get the most out of them. Others, on the other hand, do not require a subscription and just keep your footage on a local hard drive.

Additional tips to prevent package theft

Smart Delivery Boxes are also available, which automatically lock and secure your parcels. The box will automatically lock once the delivery man opens it to deposit a package till you return home. Then you’d have to use a companion app or a keypad to unlock it. While these can be expensive, they will ensure that nothing is stolen from your porch, saving you money in the long run.

Of course, there are several tried-and-true methods for keeping your cargo safe. Consider having your items delivered to your place of business or to someone you know will be home when they arrive. You can also request that your package be signed for upon delivery in your order notes. Instead, then dropping the product at your door and vanishing, the courier will have to ring your doorbell and meet you.

You can also ask for your package to be hidden from view by the deliveryman. Leave an order note with clear drop-off directions if you have a fake plant or hidden nook near your door.

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