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Micron’s 1.5TB MicroSD card costs more than a diamond.

Micron MicroSD Card 1.5TB


More than seven months after it was unveiled, the world’s first 1.5TB microSD card, Micron’s MTSD1T5ANC8MS-1WT, has landed—well, almost. A handful of tech wholesalers have listed the card, or the i400, on their websites, and depending on how many you need and which territory you are buying from, customers may have to wait for at least four months. Mouser, Arrow, and Avnet (plus its subsidiaries Farnell, Newark, and Element14) have already listed it, with Newark being the cheapest at $420.53, a price that includes free delivery.

Purchase at least 12,000 of them to reduce the price to $381 (for a total cost of more than $4.5 million), which isn’t a bad deal for 18 PB (yes, petabytes) of solid-state storage weighing no more than 4Kg (without packaging, of course). In case you were wondering, this microSD card costs about the same as its weight in a 0.125-carat diamond ($1.1m per kg).