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Intel i7 1165G7 vs Ryzen 7 4700U Laptop

i7 1165G7 vs Ryzen 7 4700U

Here is the comparison between Intel i7 1165G7 vs Ryzen 7 4700U processors; I’ve been using the Acer swift 3 in day-to-day workflow for over a year now its thin light has great battery life.

But there were two things that I just really didn’t like about the Acer Swift 3 that another laptop which recently arrived us.

Let’s talk about the HP ProBook 630 G8 Versus Acer Swift 3.

Both of these laptops come in a smaller form factor but have different screen sizes, the Acer Swift 3 has slightly thinner bezels and overall a slightly bigger screen at 14 inches. whereas the hp pro book comes with a 13.3-inch display.

Let’s take a look at how these two laptops are put together both have an aluminium chassis identical keyboard arrangements all-in one-track pads and a fingerprint reader 720p webcam

And one single hinge along the bottom of the entire bezel of the screen for increased durability.

Let’s get into each of these in further detail regarding the aluminium build quality you will find both laptops nearly the same density and build quality the swift 3 has more rounded edges than the pro book.

I like the pro book’s sharper edges they won’t cut you or anything like that nature but it makes the pro book have a little bit more of an aggressive professional look over the swift 3’s more rounded soft appearance.

The swift 3 is 0.63 inches thick at 2.65 pounds and the pro book 630 is 0.62 inches thick at 2.51 pounds the keyboard deck is where things get easy to identify.

A winner the pro book has an incredibly soft touch keyboard deck and very responsive keys.

The keyboard is the same keyboard that can be found on the hp omen which may be my current favourite keyboard on the market.

It is quiet the keys are incredibly comfortable to touch and each of the keys is extremely stable giving you a satisfying snappy response when the key is activated upon press the reason this head-to-head review is a great comparison is that the swift 3.

This is one area it’s lacking when I slide my finger back and forth across the keycaps on the swift 3 there are a lot of wobbles so when you hold your finger over the edge of the key I can already begin to feel

The key depresses so whenever I go to press the key it feels mushy and does not have that nice pop back responsiveness that feels very satisfying and very you know confident invoking that okay

Yes, I pressed the key I made a good connection and I’ve now typed on my screen whereas on the pro book keyboard the keys are very stable there is no mushy feeling when my fingers are resting on the keys

And when I pushed the key down to activate it there is a firm even resistance to my press when released it snaps back quickly and the keypress is very satisfying

The trackpad is also an area that has not necessarily been a fan of the past year using the swift 3.

I’ve noticed that click from time to time it is not great at dragging and dropping objects but it also feels slightly mushy similar to the keycaps.

The hp pro book on the other hand is responsive and snappy hasn’t I have not noticed any missed clicks and it drags and drops objects very well

It is again very reminiscent of the hp omen however slightly smaller and does not have that epic tacky feeling like the hp omen trackpad does but still like I said excellent trackpad.

I’ve been hating hard on the swift 3 but that’s not my point at all so let’s talk about some things that I like about the swift 3.

The swift 3 has a fantastic battery life I’ve taken this laptop on a few road trips and worked a full nine-hour day and then after working that full nine-hour day at half screen brightness my computer the swift 3 still had 23 % battery remaining.

The battery is rated for about 11 hours of runtime at half brightness and I can say this to be true of my own experience.

The pro book has a great battery life as well but is slightly lower rated at roughly 10 hours the swift3’s screen is also slightly larger as mentioned earlier giving you a little more room for your work this can be a bonus to you as it squeezes about a half-inch of room on your screen

But keep in mind that the laptop is a little bit larger in form factor as well since that was not accomplished in making the bezels necessarily very small just making the build a little bit larger taking charge once again the pro book is going to have a brighter and slightly more colour accurate screen.

The swift 3 snagged 253 nits at full brightness and the hp pro book 630 was 295 nits at full brightness the hp pro book 630 can reach a colour gamut range of 68 SRGB, 50 adobe RGB and 50 dc ip3.

The Acer Swift 3 can reach a colour gamut range of 64 SRGB, 47 adobe RGB and 47 dc ip3. So, it’s not that much more accurate, but it is brighter.

Now to be honest when I took my first look at the pro book, I did not know the cost I pulled it out of the box and immediately was taken back by this thin and light laptop with these few excellent quality laptop identifiers like the keyboard deck and trackpad.

Two important things to me as a creator so I went and I looked up the cost I found that the pro book 630 G8 in the i7 variant is priced above the swift 3 Ryzen 7 version at around 1400 with the model I have configured

Now that’s slightly above the swift 3 with the Ryzen 7 which can be found around the 800-price range now at 950 for the i5 variant you can get it a little bit closer in cost and I think the i5 would perform close to the Ryzen 7

Especially that it’s the i5 1135 G7 but that i7 is going to put you back a little bit more money if you want to get the slightly more powerful version.

Now if you want to pick up a similar i7 1165 G7 Acer swift 3x then you are taking only a 150-dollar difference as the laptop retails for around 250 dollars.

Let’s talk about the hinges they are the same both open and close smoothly but even more important than the hinge I want to address how each company went about the ergonomics of opening and closing the lid

If you look at the front of each of these laptops you will see that Acer provides a notch for the fingers for your fingers to grip the lid whereas hp builds the ability for your fingers to grip the screen right into the design

I think this is so clever and a great hap tip to hp for this if I dare say it is great to design and thoughtfulness you don’t have to necessarily find the notch the whole front bezel is a notch the top and bottom bezel of the pro book is slightly angled in creating a perfect ledge for your fingers to grip the screen and pulled it open easily

This could go easily overlooked and love it when companies design this way well done hp.

The Acer Swift 3 and the hp pro book come with very similar ports so there is nothing really to write home about here.

However, the pro book does come with an SC slot for enterprise-level security this is a chipped card that when inserted into the computer allows you to access it and is a form of two-factor authentication not helpful to me or most creative professionals but it does allow them to sell these computers to government contracts, where they need heightened security.

Another hap tip for the hp pro book comes in the form of speakers on the top of the keyboard deck that has excellent audio and let me tell you to see audio well so I say to hear audio this good on a laptop below 2000 dollars is pretty great.

The swift 3 has the standard under the keyboard deck speakers that are good but not impressive by any stretch of the imagination.

Regarding the fan noise ad cooling both of these laptops run it cool and fairly quiet while using the swift 3 I noticed the fans kick on while web browsing to around 47 decibels.

Whereas the pro book was only around 37 to 40 decibels while exporting video projects and working in photoshop I found the fans would kick up to about 48 decibels for the swift 3 about 40 to 47 decibels for the pro book.

Now to check how well the fans did cooling the components during these different tests here are the benchmark result

Intel i7 1165G7 vs Ryzen 7 4700U: HP ProBook 630 G8 Vs Acer Swift 3 Benchmark Test:

Intel i7 1165G7 vs Ryzen 7 4700U HP ProBook 630 G8 Vs Acer Swift 3 4k export thermal benchmarks Score
Intel i7 1165G7 vs Ryzen 7 4700U HP ProBook 630 G8 Vs Acer Swift 3 4k export thermal benchmarks Score
Intel i7 1165G7 vs Ryzen 7 4700U Laptop

On to the main event the performance benchmarking test between the Acer swift 3 and the hp pro book 630.

Acer Swift 3 Specification: For more info visit
AMD Ryzen 7 4700u
AMD Radeon 7 Graphics (Renoir)

The swift 3 I’m reviewing comes with the Ryzen 7 4700u with 8 core 8 Threads the AMD Radeon seven graphics 8 gigs of ddr4 ram and 512 gigs SSD whereas the pro book 630 g8 comes with the intel 11th gen core i7 1165 g7 with 4 cores and 8 threads.

Hp pro book Specification: For more info visit
Intel 11th gen core i7 – 1165 G7 (4 core 8 Threads)
Intel Iris Xe Graphics

So, it has fewer cores but an equal number of threads the intel iris Xe graphics has 16 gigs of ram so it has more ram than the swift 3.

512 GB SSD for the swift 3 kicking things off we are jumped into a simulated benchmark tool to see how each of these laptops handles cinebench and geek bench

This will be an interesting head to head because the swift 3 and the hp pro book 630 both come with slightly different cores and threads.

Intel i7 1165G7 vs Ryzen 7 4700U Laptop
Intel i7 1165G7 vs Ryzen 7 4700U, HP ProBook 630 G8 Vs Acer Swift 3 Geekbench single-core CPU benchmark scores
Intel i7 1165G7 vs Ryzen 7 4700U Laptop
Intel i7 1165G7 vs Ryzen 7 4700U, HP ProBook 630 G8 Vs Acer Swift 3 Geekbench multi-core CPU benchmark scores
Intel i7 1165G7 vs Ryzen 7 4700U Laptop
Intel i7 1165G7 vs Ryzen 7 4700U, HP ProBook 630 G8 Vs Acer Swift 3 cinebench r20 multi-core benchmark scores

Getting out of the simulated benchmark tests and onto the real-world apps let’s take a look to see how well these laptops will perform in adobe’s design suit by benchmarking them with the Puget systems photoshop benchmark both laptops perform well in regards to the points scored the swift 3 only falls slightly behind the hp pro book 630.

Intel i7 1165G7 vs Ryzen 7 4700U Laptop
Intel i7 1165G7 vs Ryzen 7 4700U, HP ProBook 630 G8 Vs Acer Swift 3 Puget photoshop laptop benchmarks Score

The swift 3 with a 478 and the pro book with a 505.

Now on to the video editing benchmarking test and this is where the swift 3 gets a little in over its head first I did a playback test for this test I used a 9-minute 1080p clip adding some motion graphics and then played it back in the timeline at full quality.

The full clip contains 16177 frames in total with 7240 of those frames being motion graphics during this test the swift 3 saw drop frame rates as follows at full quality 1557 at half quality 171 and f4 quality 113

So not an insane amount of drop frames but we are talking 1080p. so it’s a little higher than I would have expected for 1080p.

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The hp pro book 630 G8 saw drop frame rates as follows at full quality four drop frames at half quality zero and fourth quality zero.

So, the hp pro book 630 g8 is going to be yours go-to for playback, but let’s check out the export time premier pro 1080p

Intel i7 1165G7 vs Ryzen 7 4700U Laptop
Intel i7 1165G7 vs Ryzen 7 4700U, HP ProBook 630 G8 Vs Acer Swift 3 premier pro 4k to 1080p export benchmark scores
Intel i7 1165G7 vs Ryzen 7 4700U Laptop
Intel i7 1165G7 vs Ryzen 7 4700U, HP ProBook 630 G8 Vs Acer Swift 3 DaVinci resolve 4k to 1080p export benchmark scores

1080p it took the pro book 630 one minute and 58 seconds and the swift 3 2 minutes and 32 seconds so pretty similar for export times now in DaVinci resolve things took a little bit of a different turn

Because Ryzen is far more optimized for DaVinci resolve 1080p to 1080p export it took the hp pro book 10 minutes and 27 seconds and in DaVinci resolve for the swift 3 it took 5 minutes and 23 seconds.

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Both of these laptops would make really solid 1080p video editing laptops with medium two complex projects.

I think that you’re going to get a little bit better playback and performance if you’re in premier pro out of the hp pro book and then if you want to work in doing to resolve you might want to go with Ryzen.

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I think these laptops are great to get started on video editing passion projects and I don’t recommend them for 4k editing, I ran both of these laptops through my 4k benchmarking tests and they struggled to perform at a suitable level to get me like full thumbs up recommendation.