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How Disney’s Dreamlight Valley Reminded Me of My Childhood

Dreamlight Valley


Each time I play a new video game, I find myself trying to capture that feeling I had playing them when I was younger. That feeling where you find yourself staring up at the screen and nothing else around you matters

After years of trying to recapture that magic, I finally found it when I picked up Disney’s Dreamlight Valley.

Growing up, I was an only child who lived with a single parent who worked full-time; this made me very familiar with feeling lonely. I often found myself looking to the media around me for some form of comfort, and as it was the 1990s, that media had something to do with Disney. Disney was everywhere at the time, from the Saturday morning cartoons I watched to the clothes I’d wear, the films I’d go see in the cinema, and the video games I played.

Ringing on the Packard Bell

One of my earliest gaming memories is of playing Capcom’s Aladdin on the SNES. The film from which the game was adapted was the first film I saw in a theater. I was obsessed, down to the Genie backpack I’d proudly take to school every day.