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All Android Games Are Now Available On Windows 11 Thanks To Google.

All Android Games Are Now Available On Windows 11 Thanks To Google: Google has announced that a desktop Play Games app for Windows 11 is in the works.

When Windows 11 was first launched, one of the biggest selling points was its compatibility with Android apps.

However, the functionality isn’t available to everyone: only Windows Insiders have access to it right now, and Microsoft has collaborated with Amazon’s App store, limiting the number of options. Amazon’s app store includes just over 450,000 apps, compared to Google Play’s 2.5 million.

Google has now chosen to take matters into its own hands and expand the options available. The company announced yesterday at The Game Awards that it will release a desktop Play Games software for Windows.

Google says the app will be coming to Windows 10 as well, which may irritate Microsoft given the company’s apparent use of Android emulation as a major inducement for consumers to upgrade to Windows 11.

Play Games is Google’s umbrella title for many game-related services on Android, including data syncing, social plugins, achievements, and leaderboards – a service that the firm claims are utilized by 2.5 billion people every month.

It will reportedly go much farther with support for emulated Android games, with no need for streaming. Users will be able to smoothly transition between devices, according to the business, with cloud syncing of progress from Android to Windows and back.

“Beginning in 2022, users will be able to play their favourite Google Play games on additional devices: easily moving between a phone, tablet, Chromebook, and, soon, Windows PCs,” said Greg Harrell, Google’s product director of Android and Google Play games. “With this Google-built solution, more laptops and desktops will have access to the finest of Google Play Games, and we’re excited to expand our platform so that users can play their favourite Android games even more.”

Google went on to tell the site that it had created the app without collaborating with Microsoft.

Google was tight-lipped on when we might expect to see this, and whether it will always be limited to games, other than that it will arrive in 2022 with more details to follow.

That’s maybe predictable considering that it was announced at the Game Awards, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to expand the feature to cover everything the Google Play Store has to offer in the long run.

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