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5 New Series And Movies On OTT Platforms In India.

5 New Series And Movies On OTT Platforms In India: For the first time, two web series starring former Bollywood divas Sushmita Sen and Raveena Tandon are at the top of our weekly suggestion list.

The two are set to star in two of the most eagerly awaited online shows. In Season 2 of her hugely successful Aarya, former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen leads the cast. Raveena Tandon, on the other hand, makes her digital debut with Aranyak, a thriller.

Qatil Haseenaon Ke Naam, a desi noir anthology series, is also in the mix. This series stars several well-known Pakistani actors.

Pushpaka Vimanam and Maa Oori Polimera are two Telugu films in the weekly lineup.

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Raveena Tandon, a former Bollywood actress, is experimenting with streaming platforms with this online series. Patthar Ke Phool, a film produced by GP Sippy Films, marked her feature debut in 1991. And now, with Sippy Films, she’s making her OTT debut. In that way, she is returning to the beginning of her career. Raveena plays Kasturi, a detective entrusted with tracking down a missing young tourist.

The crime thriller follows an under-pressure woman cop as she pursues a bloodthirsty serial killer in a dark sylvan hill after the disappearance of a foreign teenage tourist in a misty town. In the process, she must team up with a male counterpart who is attempting to take her place. He adores her and has no regrets about it.

The series will be a visual spectacle, in addition to the thrills of murder and mystery.

5 New Series And Films On OTT Platforms In India.
Image credit: Disney+Hotstar.


The Emmy-nominated show’s second season will follow Aarya, an indefatigable mother who isn’t afraid to push moral lines to protect her family and children.

The happy married woman’s world was flipped upside down when her husband was shot, and family intrigue and criminal groups ran circles around her in the first season. The same plot is naturally expanded in the second season, with comparable variations. Aarya is up against Russian drug lords this time, as well as local lumpen members. Her tenacity and bravery must once again save the day for her family. Ram Madhvani, who recently directed the successful film Dhamaka, is directing the series.

5 New Series And Movies On OTT Platforms In India.
Image credit: Disney+Hotstar.


Regardless of our feelings towards black magic. As a cinematic narrative, it has always piqued people’s interest. It’s also the setting for this Telugu movie. Is it possible to justify murder based on black magic? This is the core premise of this thriller, which is set in a fishing hamlet in Telangana and revolves around the lives of naive locals.

After a cop begins investigating his brother’s murder on allegations of black magic and witchcraft, the tale picks up the thread as an investigation. The film’s highlights are the appealing locations and odd characters.

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The story follows Sundar, a math teacher whose life is turned upside down when his wife passes away. His everyday existence has turned into a whirlwind. In some ways, this darkly comic thriller is a sociological reflection on arranged marriages, cultural pressures, and moral policing. The film is steeped in middle-classness, as seen in Anand Deverakonda’s prior films (Dorasani and Middle-Class Melodies), the brother of Vijay Devarakonda, the film’s producer.

In his brief career, Anand has been able to choose intriguing scripts for all of his films. His films, based in reality, stand out in impressive relief among the big-budget masala razzmatazz of conventional Telugu films.

The film received positive reviews when it was released in theatres in November.


A Pakistani cast dominates this female-centric neo-noir thriller directed by a British Indian woman. This alone should pique your interest. Meenu Gaur, the director, has stated that she intended to present a feminine viewpoint to the story of femme Fatales.

According to the director, the anthology poses the question, “What would you fight for?” ‘What would you give your life for?’ Each episode is themed around a question of this nature. And the allure is in the fact that different people have various solutions to the same question. The trigger is love in one episode and duty in the other. In the numerous episodes, homicides are motivated by passion, justice, retribution, power, and revolution. The entire series gives us a glimpse inside the human soul, and what we see is a disturbing mirror.

As the number of theatrical releases has increased, the frequency of straight-to-OTT premieres has decreased. However, this does not imply that entertainment has come to an end. On streaming services, new shows and fresh actors are gaining popularity. Have a good time watching.

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