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5 New Latest Movies on OTT Platforms in India

5 New Latest Movies on OTT Platforms in India: There are in 5 different languages available.

OTT releases are increasing as the year-end Christmas season approaches. Kurup was already on his way ahead of schedule. We also have Decoupled, Madhavan’s highly anticipated web series, which we are not putting in our weekly list of recommendations.

Because we’ve decided to make this week’s selection all-movies. We’ve also chosen one from each of India’s five most popular languages. In Hindi, we’ve chosen 420 IPC, while Tamil has Kadaseela Biriyani, Telugu has Anubhavinchu Raja, Malayalam has Marakkar, and Kannada has the appropriately named Kannadiga.

5 New Latest Movies on OTT Platforms in India
Image credit: Zee5.

420 IPC

420 is already well-established in the collective psyche of the country, both in terms of cinema (the renowned Raj Kapoor starrer Shri 420) and in terms of everyday usage. The film’s title makes it clear what the film’s theme is. It’s about deception. And it’s all about money deception here.

It’s about a chartered accountant who is blamed for the financial misdeeds of another wealthy individual. CAs are strong in general, but he is the one who has been wronged, and the tale revolves upon his underdog-spirited fightback against the system and its cronies. The vivacious courtroom scenes give the proceedings an extra zest.

5 New Latest Movies on OTT Platforms in India
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When the film first opened in theatres a few weeks ago, it was praised for being fresh and unique in its investigation of what appears to be a revenge story. The film takes the tired concept of violent vengeance and transforms it into an explosive, creative work with style, substance, and passion. Three brothers set out on a mission to assassinate the guy who murdered their father, but they end up colliding with their intended victim’s sociopathic son. However, the plot and its treatment do not lend itself to such a simple summary.

Nishanth Kalidindi, a debut director, has been compared to award-winning directors Lijo Jose Pellissery and Thiagarajan Kumararaja. And accomplishing that is no easy task.

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5 New Latest Movies on OTT Platforms in India
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The plot centers around a little boy from a tiny town (Bheemvaram) who loses his family in a tragic event. On his deathbed, his grandfather tells him to live a simple life. But, as is often the case in Telugu cinema, he grows up to be a carefree, good-hearted teenager who wastes his fortune.

He ends up in prison and then gets a position as a security guard at a software company, where he meets and falls in love with a female. She is unaware of his past. It’s a masala entertainer that depicts village and city life in traditional hues.

5 New Latest Movies on OTT Platforms in India
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Everyone will be enthralled by any film starring Mohanlal and directed by Priyadarshan. This is due to the duo’s incredible track record together. They’ve produced some of Malayalam cinema’s most iconic and memorable flicks.

This is a period epic about the legendary Kunjali Marakkar the 4th, who is regarded as one of India’s greatest naval commanders. On the Malabar Coast, he led a valiant and aggressive war against Portuguese invaders. Later, he became the naval commander of the ruler of Calicut, the Zamorin.

The film was released in theatres earlier this month. At the 67th National Film Awards, the film won three awards: Best Feature Film, Best Special Effects, and Best Costume Design.

The film is one of Nedumudi Venu’s final works before his death a few months ago.

The Ashes cricket series has begun. Many new and intriguing films are also available. With the cold weather in most countries, all you have to do is relax back in your comfortable couch and enjoy the show.

5 New latest movies on ott platforms in india
Image credit: Zee5.


Make no mistake: a film with a title like this can only be about Kannada and its rich traditions. Kannadiga is a period drama about Gunabadra, a Jain monk who compiled the Adipurana, a collection of life stories about numerous Jain saints. However, the film is about his battles to preserve Kannada literature and culture in the face of British encroachment.

The story also follows Ferdinand Kitel’s journey to create the first Kannada-English dictionary. Jamie Alter makes his Kannada debut as Kitel.

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