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10 Best Horror Movies On Netflix You Can Stream Right Now

Best Horror Movies On Netflix

Prepare to be scared with the best horror movies on Netflix.

The best horror movies on Netflix are a diverse group. The uninformed, or the simply squeamish, may mistakenly believe that horror films are all about blood and gore, but the truth is that horror films are considerably more interesting than that. Sure, splatter and body horror have their place, but the genre as a whole is far more intelligent than many people realize. The best Netflix horror movies contain psychological horror, creeping dread, societal critique, excellent jump scares, and horrific animals.

We braved a lot of unpleasantness to bring you the best Netflix horror movies, so whether you’re looking for something to put the laughter into slaughter or a movie to send you to bed with no intention of turning off the light ever again, it’s all here.

With the rivalry among streaming services becoming increasingly severe, the battle for horror lovers’ money is a tough one, especially when Netflix is pitted against specialised services like Shudder, Hulu, and HBO Max.

This list will be updated on a regular basis, including a mix of Netflix originals and films from other studios. So, let’s take a look at the top Netflix horror movies…

These are the list of Best Horror Movies On Netflix:

Apostle movie 2018
Image credit: Netflix

1. Apostle

When British filmmaker Gareth Evans isn’t generating carnage with martial arts classics The Raid and its sequel, he’s creating devastation of a different kind with this dark thriller.

Apostle, starring Dan Stevens, Lucy Boynton, and Michael Sheen, is a 1905 film about Thomas Richardson, who travels to a lonely Welsh island to rescue his sister, Jennifer, who has been kidnapped and held for ransom by a mystery cult.

Richardson determined to release his sister, clashes with Sheen’s Malcolm Howe, the cult’s leader. Things become murkier and murkier as his adventure progresses, as well as bloodier and bloodier…

It’s a film that flaunts its influences, particularly The Wicker Man. But it’s stylish and fast-paced, and if you liked Midsommar, you’ll enjoy it here as well.

Cadaver movie
Image credit: Netflix

2. Cadaver

This Norwegian horror film is a gory, sophisticated gorefest.

Set in the aftermath of a nuclear accident, a family of three is delighted to be invited to a charitable event at a hotel, but things quickly turn sour when other guests begin to vanish. You may probably imagine why…

Not for the faint of heart or the weak of stomach, but if neither of those things applies to you, this is another excellent horror film.

His House movie 2020
Image credit: Netflix

3. His House

Horror has traditionally served as an excellent vehicle for processing the true tragedies of society’s difficulties. Whether it’s the approach to commerce in Dawn of the Dead or the harsh sorrow allegory in The Babadook, the monsters at work are generally us. Bol and Rial, a South Sudanese refugee couple who have been allocated a council house in a small English town, tell their tale in His House.

The horrors they discover within the walls are dramatic and terrifying, but filmmaker Remi Weekes expertly balances this with the difficulties of acclimating to a new culture and the dehumanizing character of the procedure. It’s harrowing, and its problems are real, but it doesn’t make it any less of a terrible haunted house tale.

Krampus movie
Image credit: Universal Pictures

4. Krampus

You can only watch so many syrupy Christmas movies before wishing that all of the characters on film were being murdered by gingerbread men. No? Only us? Regardless, Michael Dougherty’s holiday thriller is excellent deadly eggnog, with Toni Collette in fine form as the matriarch of an ungrateful family who fails miserably to appreciate the season.

Krampus is definitely in the comedy-horror territory, but the family is besieged by seasonal monstrosities, which provides some really fun shocks. The worst holiday nightmares are the greatest, and Krampus is a satisfyingly vengeful Christmas adaptation of Dougherty’s previous Trick R Treat. You’ll never look at the kids’ Santa letters the same way again.

Creep movie 2014
Image credit: Netflix

5. Creep (2014)

Creep, along with its sequel, Creep 2, has established itself as a found footage cult classic. Although it lacks the commercial appeal of Paranormal Activity and the primal fright of The Blair Witch Project, Creep nails the sociological unease that descends into horror. Following a Craigslist ad, a cameraman named Aaron visits Josef’s house, played by Mark Duplass, who is extremely unsettling. Josef is odd, yet he appears to want someone to document his final days before succumbing to an inoperable brain tumour. It may seem strange to claim that this is where the ‘fun’ begins, yet here we are.

Calibre movie
Image credit: Netflix

6. Calibre

Calibre is the most agonizing way to spend an evening pulling at your own face with anxiety. Going hunting with two friends? What are the worst-case scenarios? Yes, take a gulp of Dr Pepper, because this excursion to the Scottish Highlands isn’t exactly what Nessie’s homeland would promote on its tourism map. This must-see horror movie combines the politics of a small village with some Very Bad Decisions. Even if it means looking through your fingers while hiding beneath a couch.

Hush movie
Image credit: Netflix

7. Hush

Mike Flanagan, the creator of The Haunting of Hill House and Bly Manor, has a lot to account for. He not only created two of the most popular horror TV shows in recent years, as well as directed a great sequel to The Shining (Doctor Sleep), but he also directed an intelligent slasher film in 2015. This is the narrative of Maddie, a deaf horror writer who lives in a rural cottage with just her cat for companionship, co-written with his wife and Hush star Kate Siegel. Her fight for survival is nail-bitingly excellent stuff when a masked man enters and figures she is easy pickings.

The Perfection movie
Image credit: Netflix

8. The Perfection

It’s critical to keep one thing in mind when entering The Perfection. Like a lot of modern horrors, this isn’t a sociological commentary to be followed by chin-scratching. There are no rules in this filthy violent horror thriller. It won’t be to everyone’s taste, but Alison Williams’ superb performance as a cellist with a vengeful streak makes for a twisted thriller unlike any other. Not one to watch with your parents, but one of the most accurate recreations of being sick on public transportation ever. Yes, there is a selling factor on this list…

Under the Shadow movie
Image credit: Netflix

9. Under the Shadow

Horror is one of the bravest genres when it comes to taking on the most difficult subjects. On one level, Babak Anvari’s Persian haunting is a typical ghost story about a woman being haunted by spirits in her home, but it’s also a cutting reflection on women’s persecution in Tehran in the 1980s. The monsters here, like the Babadook’s embodiment of grief, appear to be imaginary, yet they have a melancholy reality. Under the Shadow is a modern classic that is both frightening and thought-provoking.

The Platform movie
Image credit: Netflix

10. The Platform

Another sociological reflection, this time a satire of Spanish capitalist culture, The Platform is an unsettling viewing. It doesn’t get much better than this in terms of concept. Literally. A lavish kitchen provides a platform with delightful delicacies, which are then distributed to hundreds of two-person cells. There would be enough for everyone if everyone only took a few bites, but that’s not how the world works. The Platform is an unexpected nightmare that follows one man on his journey as he wakes up on various levels.

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